The Leaf


Where does Pure Leaf® tea come from?

We select our leaves from some of the finest tea estates around the world where growers share our passion for sustainable agricultural practices. Each tea’s origin is uniquely linked to its distinct taste, as the tea takes on unique flavors based on the climate and soil.
Located 2000 meters above sea level, our partner in Kericho is the only tea estate that makes rolled black tea in Kenya. The Kericho estate shares its expertise to help local tea growing communities improve their environmental practices.
Based in the Gunung Tilu Forest Conservation area on Java Island, our partner in Indonesia not only makes beautiful long leaf green teas but also participates in the conservation of the unique local fauna and flora.

Ceylon tea is grown in gardens in the High Grown area of Sri Lanka, at an elevation of 1,200 meters. The change in grow altitudes causes this Ceylon tea to be strong in flavor with a rounded and bright finish. The area’s optimal rainfall and temperature also help to produce some of the world’s finest teas.
Dating back to the Tang Dynasty, China is the birthplace of tea and renowned for the quality and processing of its tea leaves.


We love tea. And the planet.
That’s why we, alongside our partners from around the globe, work tirelessly to lessen the impact we have on the environment. From planting native trees to utilizing hydro-electric power, our growers strive to achieve harmony between nature and growing some of the best tea on the planet.
Rainforest Alliance Certified™
Pure Leaf® is proud that 100% of our long leaf tea is Rainforest Alliance Certified™, whether it is produced at our own tea estates in Kericho, Kenya or at our partner tea estates and smallholder farmers around the world. Through our commitment to Rainforest Alliance, we ensure sustainability from crop to cup.
Earth-Friendly Packaging
Pure Leaf® tea cases, cartons and envelopes are 100% recyclable, and our pyramid tea bags are silken and compostable, meaning they are made from a plant-based renewable material.
Our Promise to You
Each box and bag of our real long leaf tea is the result of thousands of people working toward one goal: sustainably growing the most delicious tea in the world.


Orthodox teas like Pure Leaf® are crafted by an artisanal batch process, by means of hand or mechanical rollers. It aims at gently bruising and exposing the tea leaf’s natural essence with minimal damage to the leaf itself. The leaf is never intentionally cut or broken, just gently rolled to achieve a specific flavor.

Compared to CTC (cut, tear, curl) teas, orthodox teas are more elaborate and display a more varied and complex array of aromas, colors, and mouthfeels.

More subtle, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing, orthodox teas will unfurl while brewing, gently releasing their naturally sweet and delicate character. While CTC teas often are enjoyed with milk due to their bitter nature, orthodox teas are best savored by themselves.